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Yanxuan Li

Professor Marohang Limbu

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Discipline Literacy

March 30, 2012  


Marketing: Everyone Has His Own Hamlet (PDF)

 “If you choose a major because your parents like it; if you pick a class because it’s easy to get credits, then why do you think you deserve the life you want?”

-- Zhang, Quanling



In some ways marketing is as old as civilization itself. You may have seen films based in ancient Greece or Rome with images of bustling market stalls and traders actively engaged in persuasive communications (The history of marketing). As we can see, marketing is a really old concept, as it develops through times, it became more and more complex, and content diversity acknowledges in this major, such as math, writing, computer skill, and Interpersonal communication. In this essay, I will introduce the definition of marketing, the reason that you choose marketing, the requirement that study it in MSU, the jobs related to marketing, and the place we choose to work in the future. The main idea of this essay is that marketing is a comprehensive and diverse major, we should find our own understanding of it, and then we can develop it very well in the future. 


What is Marketing in Your Concept?

We can easily find the definition of marketing on the Internet, on the textbook, or on the dictionary. However, with the different word but same term, those definitions all look like the same thing for us. What we need to do is develop a definition of marketing from our own idea. For example, here is a definition from a marketing methods website: marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return (Kotler). This definition is mainly focus on the importance of the longer-term relationship with the customer. In other words, it is talking about focusing on the customers’ needs is the central idea of marketing. However, the example definition is not really told us how to focusing, and where to focus on. Instate of that, we should develop our own idea of marketing based on basic understanding of it. 

Figue.1  Throwing Darts on a Target

For instance, the way that I describe marketing is throwing darts on a target like figure 1. For us, as a marketer, the darts are the things we are going to sell, and the target will be our costumers’ demands. Every time we try to make connection with our costumers, we need to “draw” a target of what they want. The most outside circle will be the last thing they want to buy, and the most inside point will be exactly the things our costumers want. If we can hit the “perfect point,” we “win” in this round. This is my understanding of marketing, and I actually have a proof in real life, which is the supermarket “Target.” The show of Target: Behind the Bullseye reveals how Target became both tastemaker and discount retailer extraordinaire while continually reminding its customers to "Expect More, Pay Less" (Gregg). People can easily see the identical between the name of this company and the purpose of it. The target’s logo is like telling us: this company is the one who can hit the target, which is everything we expect right now, so expect more and found it there!” Some people think marketing is selling people something they were not interesting in it until they recommended to them. That is also true. We need to find our own understanding of marketing, because it’s important to develop this comprehensive major into a specific filed.

Figure 2. Target's Logo 


Why Do You Choose Marketing as Your Major?

Always learn thing that you like it, you will always get more things exceeding your expectations. So in this step, you need to find out why do you like marketing and choose it as your major. For my example, when I was choosing the major for my college years, there was a song in a TV series came to my mind. In the TV series, there is a poor but smart man earned a lot of money by marketing goods, and use the money he earned to help other poor people. The lyric of the song was also talking about how to “marketing” in a right way. Those touched a young child’s heart, which is I, and made me decided to learn marketing as a tool to help people. The video 1 is the song I liked, and I translate the lyric into English, because those sentences give me a lot of thought even when I grow up. 

                                                  Video 1. The Song

My favorite sentence in the video is “Worry about what people’s worried, provide what people’s needed, this is the true business.” This is the reason I choose to study marketing, I want to make a true business, which makes everybody happy, Buyers happy, producers happy, and I am happy because everybody obtains what they want. Also, one of a sentence from that song, “we don’t need to earn money every time, and just do what it’s right, we will finally earn what we deserve.” It became my creed of life. So here is my reason to choose this major, and everybody who chooses it should found why they want it and like it in their deep heart. 


What Will You Learn in This Major?

Michigan state university has perfect curriculum enragement for marketing. For the first two years, students need to take those per-major courses for general acknowledge and ability to learn the specialized courses of marketing.

 Figure 3. Pre-Major Courses for Marketing (Not the full version)

In the figure 3, I list some of the pre-major course for this major. Through the name of those course, we can easily find out that at the first two years, we learn mostly two parts of acknowledge. One is general acknowledge for us as a college students, like biological, physical and social science. Another part is the basic business concepts to learn and establish a foundation for next step study, like micro- and macro-economics, accounting, computer skills and International dimensions of business. For one perspective, those courses are not directly related to this major. However, as an application subject, study in this field stresses understanding of marketing concepts and tools, application of the concepts and tools to achieve objectives using analysis, planning, implementation, and control techniques, and integration of marketing with other business functions and societal processes (Marketing Major). In another words, marketing skill is actually a subject that gathers mathematics, statistics, writing, computer, and communication skill. So, those courses are necessarily needed before the all-marketing courses. After officially getting into the business collage and marketing major, we start to study some specific trail of marketing. For example, there are courses like Product Innovation and Management, International Marketing Management, and New Product Design and Development. Also, every student in MSU has elective credit for any class they want to take, this also encourage us to learn different things to complete ourselves knowledge, and learn different perspective to communicate with others in the futures.  


What Kind of Job Will You Get in The Future?

In this step, we start to talk about career that we will have in the future. There is a book in MSU library, which names <Opportunities In Marketing Careers>, can help us to comes up that what kind of job we will get in the future. In this book, it has a very interesting chapter—“Market Yourself.” According to the author, when we are seeking a job, the four P’s can be put to work by us and for us. First, we should think ourselves as “Products,” and our customers are those people who will be judging our entrance essays or our resumes. So what we need to do is to get to know them and find out what it is they want in this kind of product. After that, we locate our “Price,” which is our salary, choose our “Place,” and think about the “Promotion opportunity” in the future. If we can go through this very well, it means we have larger chance to get a job that fit for us in marketing (Steinberg).

There are also some jobs we can do that related to marketing. For example, “marketing research” is one of the basic careers in marketing. This job is about developing questionnaires, collecting and, analyzing the results, and recommending applications and courses of action. “International Marketer” is also a hot job for this major’s students. It’s working within the frame-obtaining translations where necessary and consulting native or experienced personnel for guidance in both management (Steinberg). There are also jobs like “Consumer Psychologist,” “Product Manager,” and “Marketing Educator.” Since this book is publish in 1994, it’s already been almost 10 years, there are much more jobs related to marketing, like “Online Marketing Coordinator,” “Director Brand Management,” and “Media Planner” (Forward to a Colleague). All of this information proved that marketing is really a comprehensive major that can provide so many different kinds of jobs and opportunities for us in the future. 


Where Should We Work At, Home Country or U.S?

This step is especially focus on the international students who are confusing or will be confusing about where to work in the future, the opportunity-equal America or warm and familiar home country.  For this step, I interviewed two people, and they both were study in the U.S. for their master’s degrees. One of them thinks come back to her own country is a better choice, but another one thinks the U.S. is a better place to live a life. First, I interviewed a teacher in Chinese high school who has been study fine art in the U.S. for 2 years. “Everybody likes their real home, which is the place that we grow up and learn this world at the first. So most of my friend who went to different country to get bachelors degree or masters degree came back to China, and found their own career, home, and life here” (Wang). A lot of international students have the same idea with Mrs. Wang, because the language, culture, and even food are all different here. However, the home is always the most familiar and warm place for us. We don’t need to fight with all of the problems come to us, there are always families and friends can understand us and help us. Wang also talked about the experience that study in the U.S can help us when we come back to China, “In a large extent, what study abroad gives us is not how much the acknowledge we can learn and how many job offers we can get, however is the self-improvement that we get there. We learn how to see thing multi-faced, and when we face a problem, we are not struggling in one method but found multiple way to solve it. Also, I am a teacher now, I can teach all of this great experience I learn from outside to my students” (Wang). After all, she thought that went to the U.S to study is a really good idea to improved, and came back to her home country is the best choice she made.

Than, I interviewed my writing professor Limbu who is a Nepalese, came to the U.S and finished his master degree here, and chose to stay in the U.S to teach and have his own life here. In the video 2, professor Limbu thought choosing to stay in the U.S after graduate is also a good choice. Although sometimes he think about coming back to his home country, he still live here in the U.S and work here. Professor Limbu calls this thought as “dilemma.” If he goes back, he can do a lot of contribution to his country like what Wang is doing in China. However, he still wants to stay in the U.S because he can get opportunities to teach, to resource, and to develop his career. “In this country, you must do, if you don’t do, you cannot survive” (Limbu). Although the U.S is not familiar and warm than our home country, but because of the felling of unfamiliar, we will fight with it instead of rely on it. Professor Limbu shared his experience in the U.S, he thought that studying and working in the U.S is full of challenge, but ultimately we can overcome those problem if we really face it, and also this country provide many good opportunity for every one in here. 

                          Video 2. The Interview with Professor Limbu 

Over all, we see that different people have different choice, and every single choice has it’s own benefit and cost. So what we should do is compare about these two different ideas and develop our own choice though all that changes in the future.



When we finish this five step, we are prepared to study marketing in MSU, and use marketing as our tool to make a beautiful life. Among the many careers in business—accounting, finance, manufacturing, purchasing, personnel, and so on—marketing is one of the most exciting and rewarding. “There is never a dull moment” applies to this field (Andreasen). Marketing is really a comprehensive and diverse major; we can and we should find our own definition, reason, and study plan of it, because in this major, everyone has his own Hamlet.



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