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Professor Marohang Limbu

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Biography  Literacy

February 3, 2012  




Shenzhen is a major city in southern China's Guangdong Province. It’s just north of Hong Kong. It became China's first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones[1]  in 1979 (Shenzhen, Wikipedia). The whole world witnessed Shenzhen grow from a small fishing village to a modern city in just 30 years. I was born in Shenzhen in 1993. There are so many amazing similarities and connections between this city and me. So, I now realize that I not only grew up in my city, but I also grew up with it.


Shenzhen was a small fishing town until 1979. During that year, "There was an old man drew a circle beside the south sea of China" (The story of spring, Peng). This is a lyric of a song talking about how was Shenzhen become an impotent city of China. As you know, the circle is Shenzhen, appointed to be the first Special Economic Zone by President Xiaopin Deng of China. This Special Economic Zone was created to be an experimental ground for the practice of free market within a community guided. Before that, China had a planned economy, which means, at that time, government planned the production processes and investments. So Shenzhen was a newborn, open her eyes and crying out loud to announce that she's here.

After fourteen years, I was born in Shenzhen with many hopes, like my grandpa, grandma, and my parents. My mom told me, they made a list of names, and spent months to choose a great name for me before I was born. Obviously, I have a very nice and wonderful Chinese name—Yanxuan Li. Yanxuan is the name they thought was the best. Yan (彦) and Xuan (轩) are two Chinese characters, “‘Yan’ is the person who is well-read, generous and noble” (The Odes, BC 700), and “Xuan” means flying high. So, my parents gave me the name “Yanxuan” and hoped that I would become well read, generous, and noble person and be very successful. I came into this world and start to know it, although I don’t understand the hope for me, I do get it from my parent’s teaching and influence as I was growing up.


Shenzhen would never develop so fast and so good without attentions from people and leaders. At 1984, the president came and visited it to see the effect of the policy, and when he leaved he wrote down a sentence for it:” The develop of Shenzhen and the growth of economic proved that the policy of The Special Economic zone is right and we should keep going like this” (The speed of Shenzhen, Xinhua Daily Newspaper). In just 8 years later, the president came to Shenzhen again, and He gave a very important speech to encourage people. Those visiting and speeches helped Shenzhen laid a really good foundation for it’s development, because Shenzhen was like a young child, if parents don’t teach and encourage him, he will never grow up in a right path. As the president gave a great foundation for Shenzhen, my parents also gave me a great background for my life.

My parents had a lunchroom until I was 3 years old. Although they learned education in collage back to their hometown, opening a lunchroom in this crowed city is a much better choice to earn more money. However, I learn things so fast that I stood outside of our lunchroom and asked people to come in to have some food when I was two. It’s nice but not good for a girl who was hoped to be a lady in the future. So my parents sold the lunchroom and found jobs in a high school, and they are both teach math till now. I asked them why they made the decision without other thinking. They explained with this example – the reason that Shenzhen develop so well, is once Shenzhen started growing up, it’s so fast like a house get out of rein and you cannot stop it. They said, the president and those leaders made a right path and provide a good environment for Shenzhen to develop. So they did the same thing by changing our family’s situation. I was touching by my parent’s saying. Every time I do things I consider every single condition will affect it just like my parents done for me and president done for Shenzhen, after I plan everything, I go do it, and it works every time. Also after I start to learn and grow up, the good environment enabled me to learn good things and be a nice person.


There is a common saying “If you live in here 3 days long, you will see another building is becoming taller”. This sentence means Shenzhen is a high-speed develop city. Let’s take and look these pictures. They are exactly were taken from the same place in Shenzhen but different times.

(The change of Shenzhen. Left: Taken from Wutong mountain in 2006; right: Taken from Wutong mountain in 1985)

(The change of Shenzhen. Above: Taken from Yantian District in 1989; Below: Taken from Yantian District in 2006) 


(The change of Shenzhen. Above: Taken from Luohu District in 1996; Below: Taken from Luohu District in 2005)

Shenzhen is growing up all the time, so am I. I am growing up every time and everywhere, not only in class but also in real life. I experienced a lot, also because of Shenzhen, I have many more opportunity to join in those activities. I was one of the top 10 singer in my high school, I was the champion of the Poetry reading game in my city, and I also directed and play a part in the <High school musical> of our school. In junior of my high school, I had a great idea of Marketing Strategy and I made it real in the one day Simulated market activity of our school,because many of student doesn’t have there own credit card at that time, so they cannot buy cheap and novel goods on the internet. So I “cooperate” with my parents. At that day, I showed students the picture of the goods and the prices on Internet, the prices in the store and my prices, and they can order the goods they want, I will sent it to there classroom after 7 days. Because it only takes once shipping fee for all the students, the prices for students would be cheaper than at the Internet. Obviously, I received a lot of orders and I earn my fist Pot of gold. That was a good growing up event, I teach myself a principal that I should always consider others then I can get what I want. Latter on, I noticed that Shenzhen was use the same way to develop, providing what people’s want, and people helping develop it.  

(I am changing. Left: I was 9 years old in Shenzhen; Right: I was 17 years old in Shenzhen.)


In just 32 years, Shenzhen become a modern city, The average Gross domestic product (GDP) of Shenzhen jump to The first one of China, and after all the development, Shenzhen is trying to change to maintain what it have now and develop slowly but smartly, for example, Shenzhen is developing high-tech industry right now, and gradually divert a lot Heavy industries for protect the environment. Also Shenzhen is facing toward global market now. Since 1993, the sum of exports of Shenzhen is the best in the enter China, and until now, there are 148 the world's top 200 multinational corporations had investment in Shenzhen. (The speed of Shenzhen, Xinhua Daily Newspaper)

As I was seeking a right way to go, and now I come to here, United State, to learn and change for better me. I came here only 6 months ago, however, I learn tons of things in this unfamiliar environment without my parents and friends help. For example, few weeks ago, it was Chinese New Year, so I gathered about 20 Chinese friends together to make dumplings and Hotpot for dinner. It is a tradition of New Year. But as the organizer, I never know how tire it was and how many things you have to considered. It was not like the New Year I spend with my parents in China, because the only feeling I have is tire but not happy and enjoy. This time I know my parents was not that easy to prepare all those things for me, I should be grateful for them. These kinds of things are happened everyday; after all, I’m changing and moving forward everyday.


Shenzhen is now reputedly considered as one of the fastest-growing city in the world. However Shenzhen is still trying to be better, it wants to be the best in not only China, but also the whole world. Same time, I am making my own miracle of my life step by step. But I am also not satisfied; I will try my best to be a better person, for me and for this society. We are so special for each other and other else. We are like two best friends walking together. This is the video I created for my friend when I leave my high school for preparing study abroad. But here, it can show how I grew up in Shenzhen (http://youtu.be/PJuO5ADx39Y).

All of those growing up are like footprints of two people walking side by side, one is Shenzhen and another one is I. I know both of us will have a wonderful future. 


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[1] A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more free-market-oriented than a country's typical or national laws.